Ann Coulter Exposes The Horrifying Secret Of The Shooting That The Mainstream Media Wants Hidden

In an interview with Fox News Ann Coulter revealed the secret of the Vegas mass shooting that the mainstream media doesn’t want exposed. This is been one of the strangest cases in history. Normally we would be hearing about the shooters religious affiliation, political party, and any other potential clues towards his motivation. But so far, we have heard nothing.

“Now that’s what I find most interesting – [the media] seem strangely reluctant to pursue this. They’ve decided, ‘He’s a white man. We got our story. Don’t look for any other facts,’” said Coulter.

“I think the media wants to say it’s a white male. They decided that from day one and any other information might change that narrative. And they simply don’t want to know. But as I pointed out in my column this week – this is how conspiracy theories arise,” said Coulter.

“You won’t tell us this stuff. Oh and the woman shouting ‘you’re all going to die’ 45 minutes before the concert started. Do we know – OK, it’s probably just a crazy woman, but could we find out?” asked Coulter.

However, one new piece of information that has been very softly reported was that shooter Stephen Paddock visited the United Arab Emirates on a cruise before the shooting. But why don’t we have more? Check out the interview below.

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