Breaking: The Hunt Is On for Documents “Unlawfully Removed” By Comey


James Comey may be bitter at the president about being fired from the FBI, but for a newly emerging scandal, he has only himself to blame.

The former FBI director famously used memos to make allegations against Donald Trump, and had friends “leak” the documents to the media to put pressure on the president.

Now, a well-known watchdog group is on the hunt for those memos, and claims that they were “unlawfully removed” from government offices by Comey.

According to Fox News, the group Judicial Watch believes that Comey violated the Federal Records Act. It is asking acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe to investigate that violation — and may pursue a lawsuit against the bureau if the request is ignored.

“As you may be aware, the Federal Records Act imposes a direct responsibility on you to take steps to recover any records unlawfully removed from the FBI,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton wrote in a letter to McCabe.

“Upon learning that records have been unlawfully removed from the FBI, you then are required to initiate action through the Attorney General for the recovery of records,” the letter continued.

It’s no secret that the memos exist. Comey himself used the self-written documents as his “Exhibit A” against Trump, and testified before Congress that he provided the memos to reporters as part of his own agenda.

“I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter — I thought that might prompt the appointment of special counsel,” Comey said while under oath.

That choice could have serious consequences.

“We’re looking to get action on the records that Comey unlawfully took from the FBI, and we know initially there are memos, but depending on what the nature of the documents are, there could be liabilities for Mr. Comey,” Fitton said, according to Fox.

The primary question regarding the controversy is whether Comey’s memos are considered private correspondence, or official FBI records. If they were written at the FBI office and kept there for safekeeping, the latter scenario seems likely.

Judicial Watch has pledged to file a lawsuit in federal district court if the FBI does not respond by June 26.

“The former FBI director isn’t above the law and current leadership of the FBI should stop protecting him and take action,” Fitton told Fox.

It looks like James Comey’s long year certainly isn’t over yet — and it’s time for him to answer hard questions about his actions.

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