Conservative Author: Left Must Stop Hate-Mongering


The hate flowing from the liberal side of the political aisle is an underlying factor behind the kind of anger that was demonstrated Wednesday when a group of Republican congressmen became the target of a gunman who supported liberal positions, conservative author Mark Steyn said Wednesday night.

Steyn, speaking to Tucker Carlson on Carlson’s Fox News program, offered a counterpoint to claims that unity is the solution, saying instead that disagreement is basic to politics, but without the hate liberals have injected into policy debates.

“Going back to the dawn of this administration, the left wants to denormalize and dehumanize … its political opposition and they do that in a variety of ways,” he said.

Steyn said the left won’t allow a free exchange of ideas.

“For example, when Charles Murray wants to give a speech at Middlebury College, they have to have a riot. They don’t have a debate in which they demolish his arguments. They don’t want to win the debate. They want to prevent the debate from taking place.”

“They want to label somebody a hater. If you happen to think that Obamacare is not the best public policy, it is because you want grannies and urchins to die,” he said.

Steyn said that once the left robs conservatives of their humanity, there are no boundaries to stopping conservatives from expressing their views.

“Once you do that, you’re basically saying there is no form of civilized political discourse possible with your opponent, and the logic of that is that instead you riot and you beat them up, as they do at Middlebury. You poison them, as happened to (counter-jihad writer) Robert Spencer, who is well-known to this network, when he gave a speech in Iceland recently, or you open fire on them. You make politics impossible if you do that,” Steyn said.

Carlson noted there is a “a religious quality to the way they approach politics.” Steyn agreed.

“If you have people like the Southern Poverty Law (Center), which has become fabulously wealthy by labeling everyone they disagree with as a hate group, if you keep calling everybody a hater, and in fact, if your organization calls people haters, you are the hater,” he said.

Steyn then expressed disagreement regarding the need for unity that was declared by both sides after Wednesday’s shooting that left House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., grievously injured.

“Obviously the unity won’t last, because ultimately Rand Paul has very little that unites him with Bernie Sanders. We don’t actually need unity,” he said.

Steyn said a lack of unity is healthy, as long as it is not infused with hatred toward the people on the other side.

“We need robust, civilized disunity — people honestly recognizing that they disagree with each other on health care, on immigration, on Islam, on transgender bathrooms and a bazillion other things, but that doesn’t make the other person a hater. Simply put, the left has to be willing to actually engage in debate with people that disagree with them,” he said.

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 Source(s): Daily Caller, Mediaite, and Fox News