Georgia Rep. John Lewis To Hillary: ‘Happy Birthday, Madame President’

The 2016 presidential election left no doubt as to who was the victor, as Donald Trump garnered over 70 electoral votes more than Hillary Clinton.

Still, in their disappointment at the election results, some people still have not accepted Trump as the rightful president.

On Thursday, Democrat Rep. John Lewis of Georgia called Clinton “Madame President” in a tweet meant to wish the former first lady and secretary of state a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday, Madame President @HillaryClinton,” Lewis wrote. His post has since been retweeted over 19,000 times, in addition to receiving more than 80,000 likes.

Clinton celebrated her 70th birthday Thursday.

Lewis has been outspoken in his dislike of Trump. He was one of dozens of members of Congress who boycotted Trump’s inauguration in January, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

During the 2016 presidential election, Lewis endorsed Clinton and even campaigned on her behalf.

In July, Lewis told CNN he still thinks the election results were not legitimate.

“I truly believe to this day that this election was rigged in his favor,” he said.

Clinton’s 70th birthday received additional attention when a tweet she had posted on her 69th birthday resurfaced.

“Happy birthday to this future president,” read the tweet, which was posted less than a month before Clinton was defeated by Trump. Attached is a picture of Clinton when she was a young girl.

Christine Rousselle of Townhall pointed out that it is possibly the “worst-aged tweet in the history of the platform.”

“As we all now know, about two weeks later Clinton would be defeated in what was probably the biggest upset in American political history and lost the presidency to now-President Donald J. Trump,” she wrote. “It turned out that the future president’s birthday would actually be June 14, not October 26.”

In another post, Rousselle called out Lewis, indicating his sentiment was “absurd.”

“Well, perhaps the multiverse theory is real and Rep. Lewis is dropping in on us from Earth 2, where Clinton defeated Donald Trump in last year’s election?” she said.

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