Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump “Clear and Present Danger”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, apparently believes that President Donald Trump represents such a threat to the United States that his freedom of speech should be restricted.

During an interview on PBS NewsHour, Clinton commented on the Trump administration, saying “In many ways the Trump presidency poses a clear and present danger to our country.”

“Clear and present danger” is the standard the U.S. Supreme Court has used to determine if someone’s freedom of speech can be legally restricted under the Espionage Act of 1917.

Clinton also criticized the Trump administration’s response to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s threats and missile launches.

“He’s being played by these dictators in a way that undercuts our credibility and the capacity to come up with a diplomatic solution in that region,” she claimed.

North Korea has been a growing threat for years. Previous administrations — including that of her husband, former President Bill Clinton — have achieved little in way of slowing the rogue nation’s nuclear program.

Hillary Clinton used the same wording while speaking to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC to promote her new book, What Happened.

In that interview, she clarified the specific threats she believes Trump poses, including, “(d)omestically to our institutions of democracy, our self governance, our rule of law. “

Shen then suggested that Trump needs to be contained by the officials around him.

“I think going forward, any effort to try to contain him, which I know some in the White House and in the broader administration have been trying to do, is especially important when it comes to consequential decisions,” she claimed.

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