Iraq War Veteran Running for Michigan Senate as Conservative Outsider: I Support Trump’s Agenda

A self-described “conservative outsider” thinks his combination of military and business experience make him the Republican who can unseat Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow in next year’s election.

John James discussed his qualifications, as well as where he stands on President Donald Trump’s job in office, in an interview Sunday on “Fox & Friends.”

He started with his military service, which he feels voters will see as an asset when considering him as a candidate.

“(I) became a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, became a Ranger-qualified Apache pilot and flew for 750 hours of combat over Baghdad,” James said. “Operation Iraqi Freedom, ’07 to ’09.”

Upon returning to his home state, he said he was struck by the toll the economic downturn had taken on his fellow Michiganders.

“So I came back and I joined my family’s business to do what I could in the community,” he said.

James touted his success in growing the company and “increasing economic opportunity for those in my community.”

Referencing his personal history, he claimed to have held conservative values throughout his life despite being raised by two Democratic parents.

“I was raised in the church, and I understand the freedom my God and my country have guaranteed me allow me to be an independent thinker.”

Asked for his opinion of Trump, James said he would fight for the administration’s goals if elected to the Senate.

“I absolutely support our president’s agenda,” he said.

Trump’s selection of military generals to fill key positions in his administration, James said, was one move he found particularly advantageous.

“These generals are best to advise him how to keep Americans safe, how to secure our borders and our entry points, and I believe Michigan voters have the chance now to put another combat veteran to fight for them and to fight for conservative values on the floor of the U.S. Senate,” he said.

As Trump’s approval rating sags in recent national polls, James said he does not see that trend in Michigan.

“Our president is doing very well in the state because people feel like our president is fighting for them,” he said, switching gears to differentiate himself from Trump.

“But I’m a combat veteran who understands national security from a strategic to a tactical standpoint,” he said.

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Source(s): Fox NewsWashington Examiner, and NBC News