Limbaugh: Mueller’s Russia ‘Investigation’ Really About Protecting Democrats

Rush Limbaugh on his radio program Monday contended the real purpose of the Russia investigation being led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller is “to protect anybody and everybody that had anything to do with this Clinton-Obama-Russian uranium deal.”

The conservative commentator said it’s not the only reason, but it is one of the reasons.

“In addition to their wanton desire to get rid of Trump, I think that they’re taking advantage of the opportunity to shield and prevent any investigation or knowledge of what really went on, because that uranium thing,” Limbaugh said. “None of it could have happened without the involvement of Obama.”

The FBI is said to have had evidence as early as 2009 that Russian operatives were using bribes and kickbacks to compromise individuals involved in the U.S. nuclear industry, yet the Obama administration approved the Uranium One sale anyway.

In 2010, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat on a panel made up of administration officials that approved the sale of the Canadian-owned mining company to the Russian nuclear giant Rosatom, thus turning over 20 percent of America’s known uranium reserves to Moscow.

In his 2015 book “Clinton Cash,” Peter Schweizer chronicled payments former President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation received from Russian interests, including $500,000 from a Russian bank promoting the Uranium One deal for a speech Bill Clinton gave in Moscow the very month the deal was approved.

Further, Ian Tefler, the CEO of Uranium One, donated $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation. According to Schweizer, nine shareholders of Uranium One donated a total of $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Limbaugh argued the reason that Mueller’s investigation has not been able to uncover any evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the presidential campaign is simple: “There isn’t any.”

“And believe me, if there were, it have been leaked the day they found it. There isn’t any, and yet they’re still out there looking,” he said.

Limbaugh offered that the “real collusion” may involve Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Mueller, and former FBI Director James Comey, who all served in the Obama administration. The former two were in Justice Department when the Uranium One deal was approved and did nothing.

“I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if one of the things being done is to cover all of that up with this investigation,” he stated.

You can listen to Limbaugh’s comments here, which begin just after the 1:14 mark:

The Senate Judiciary Committee has launched an investigation to determine whether several federal agencies knew the FBI had uncovered a racketeering scheme involving Russian officials prior to the Obama administration’s approval of the Uranium One sale.

Additionally, both the House intelligence and House oversight committees announced on Tuesday that they would be investigating the Obama administration’s decision to sanction the sale.

Further, Rep. Ron DeSantis, a member of the Oversight Committee, confirmed his committee is working with the Justice Department to release a former FBI informant from a non-disclosure agreement with the bureau so he can testify before the committee.

Attorney Victoria Toensing stated last week that a client of hers, who was an FBI informant knew specific evidence that could have scuttled the Obama administration’s approval of the Uranium One sale in 2010 had it been made public.

Toensing said her client has been contacted by multiple congressional committees seeking information about what he witnessed inside the Russian nuclear industry, but has been unable to provide that information because of the NDA he signed with the FBI.

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