Maxine Waters Urges The DNC To Give Harvey Weinstein Money

No matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, it shouldn’t be hard to condemn Harvey Weinstein for his terrible actions. Nobody should be talking about giving him money, or doing anything that would benefit Weinstein. However, according to Maxine Waters, the DNC should be giving money to Weinstein.

The Democrats who have received money from Weinstein have had a tough time knowing what to do with it. Because in the end, they care about money far more than they care about the victims of sexual assault or rape. Hillary Clinton announced that she would not be giving any of Weinstein’s money away. Some have suggested that you use the money to help the victims of sexual assault. But Maxine Waters thinks they should give the money to Weinstein himself.

“What about the money? Are you supportive of the DNC giving back money?” asked MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts.

“They should give it back to him. First of all, they may not have known what was going on, but the fact is that they now know. They know now, they ought to give him the money back and make sure that the word goes out that the Democratic Party does not welcome that kind of money coming into our campaigns and dealing with you know, our elections. It is not to be accepted by us,” Waters said.

“When we know better, we’re supposed to do better,” said Roberts. “That’s right. I like that,” said Waters. How is giving Weinstein more money ‘doing better?’

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