Obama Still Meeting With Foreign Leaders


Former President Barack Obama hasn’t been in the Oval Office for several months now, but it appears he’s having a very tough time accepting that as reality.

Though Obama once stated he planned to remain out of the spotlight, he has done just the opposite. Over the past few months, the former president has made a series of high profile moves, apparently in an attempt to remind everyone he’s still relevant (or at least he thinks he is).

In Obama’s latest post-presidential move, he met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The two had dinner and reportedly talked about ways to get youth involved in politics, HeatStreet reported.

Apparently no one told Trudeau that Obama is no longer the president, and therefore really has no business making international meetings to try to influence politics on a global scale.

It also seems as if Obama is traveling around the world trying to undermine everything President Trump is doing. While Trump was in Europe for the G-7 and NATO meetings, Obama was also in Europe, meeting with world leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

You would think that after eight years of being president, Obama would have had enough of politics and be content to sit back and actually rest for a little while.

Instead, he insists on staying in the spotlight, apparently fancying himself as invaluable to world politics.

Besides running around the world stage, Obama hasn’t been shy about openly criticizing our current president.

Politico noted that Obama lashed out at Trump over his decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change — which, in Obama’s mind, was one of his signature achievements.

“(E)ven in the absence of American leadership; even as this Administration joins a small handful of nations that reject the future; I’m confident that our states, cities, and businesses will step up and do even more to lead the way, and help protect for future generations the one planet we’ve got,” Obama said in a statement after the decision was announced.

CNN reported that Obama also gave a speech Tuesday in Montreal where he took several thinly veiled shots at Trump.

Obama called on the world to reject authoritarianism, and praised the “institutions that we built to keep the peace,” such as NAFTA and the UN.

Prime Minister Trudeau meets President Obama at Liverpool House in Montreal for dinner. June 6, 2017. ///
Le premier ministre Trudeau soupe avec le président Obama au restaurant Liverpool House à Montréal. 6 juin 2017.

Apparently Obama didn’t get the message on election day 2016, so let me lay it out for him again: The American people had eight years of you and voted for Trump! Your time is over.

The fact that Obama has to go overseas to get a warm reception indicates just how much America doesn’t care what he thinks anymore.

Obama spent hundreds of hours campaigning with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promoting his globalist/elitist viewpoints, and the American people firmly rejected them.

Americans sent a strong message to Obama and his fellow liberals that we weren’t going to put up with their ridiculous, anti-American policies any longer — they wanted someone who would worry about the interests of Americans first and foremost.

It’s about time that Obama accepted that and exited the world stage. America only has one president, and it’s definitely not him.

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 H/T Red Flag News