Rand Paul Reveals Who Gave Clinton Campaign Emails to Wikileaks

On this morning’s edition of Fox & Friends, Sen. Rand Paul stopped by, and gave his thoughts on the new Washington Post report that the infamous Trump-Russia dossier was funded by a lawyer for the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

Never one not to make news waves in morning, Rand responded to the report by alleging perhaps an even bigger story.

Specifically, Rand claimed that there are “rumors” that the release of the “Clinton emails” made available to Wikileaks might have have been an inside job by the DNC.


Partial Transcript:

EARHARDT: “Good — good to have you with us. Are you there, senator?”

PAUL: “Yes. Good morning.”

EARHARDT: “OK, wonderful. We want to get your reaction about the Russian reversal. So it turns out sources say that Hillary Clinton’s campaign teamed up with the DNC, they help pay for the dossier on President Trump. What’s your reaction?”

PAUL: “You know, it amazes me for a year the Democrats have been whining and whining and whining and saying they lost because of the Russians. Now, looks like it’s really their subterfuge, their ideas, their buying this dossier. But also you know, there are rumors that the leaks that went to WikiLeaks on all the Clinton e-mails came from the Democrats as well. So it’s kind of funny, everything they blamed on Republican it looks like maybe they were the ones responsible for.”

DOOCY: “Sure. And senator, remember a couple months ago when it was revealed that Don — Donald Trump, Jr., had a meeting with these people with, a Russian connection in hopes of finding some dirt on Hillary Clinton. Ultimately it doesn’t sound like they got any dirt on Hillary Clinton, but at same time she was actually financing the dossier about his father.”

KILMEADE: “Over five million.” [crosstalk]

PAUL: “Well, you know, campaigns all do opposition research on both sides but the problem is it is distracting the whole country. We’re spending millions and millions of dollars on committee investigations, special prosecutors, all because Hillary Clinton can’t admit that she lost because she was a bad candidate.”

KILMEADE: “Right. And senator, lastly, there was a Republican they say started this investigation with Fusion GPS. And it was Hillary Clinton and the DNC who spent the big money to keep it going. Do you know who that Republican was?”

PAUL: “It wasn’t me, but I — I — I don’t know who it was. It might have been one of other primary candidates; there were 16 of them. All I can say is it wasn’t me.”

KILMEADE: “Right.”

It really does seem like the release of the “Clinton emails” to Wikileaks was an inside job rather than a “hack” as the DNC and it’s liberal media allies claim.

This, combined with the revelation that the Clinton Campaign and the DNC paid for the now infamous “Trump Dossier,” and the Uranium One revelations should explode into the biggest political scandal in modern history.

What do you think about this?

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