Did NBC ‘Expert’ Intentionally Lie About Rifle Use By Virginia Shooter? [Watch]


Yesterday after the horrific Virginia shooting, NBC had a “guest expert” on to talk about the incident, and asked her to explain the firearms that were possibly used.

During her explanation, Evy Pompouras, who is supposedly former Secret Service, describes how a semi-automatic pistol works, then goes on to describe how a semi-automatic rifle works (like what she says the shooter used)…only she lied in her description and described an automatic firearm:

There’s no way any firearms expert would mistake how a semi-automatic rifle works. It works the exact same way as a semi-automatic pistol – the trigger must be pulled each time the firearm is to be fired. Period.

In a horrifying video published yesterday, it’s obvious the firearm is a semi-automatic based on the sounds of the gunfire. It doesn’t take an “expert” to figure that out, only someone with basic knowledge of firearms.

Pompouras was called out for it on Twitter and issued a half-baked apology:

Her apology is absolute crap. She was on air to act as an expert. No firearms expert makes mistakes like that. Clearly, she either isn’t a firearms expert or she intentionally lied. It doesn’t seem as if NBC has cleared up her egregious error, either.

This means that they intentionally lied to mislead viewers so they can push gun control. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone; that’s how the left-wing media rolls.

The Twitterverse wasn’t buying her “mistake” or apology:

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