SMACK DOWN: Huckabee Sanders DESTROYS Frederica Wilson at Press Briefing

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders unloaded on liberal Representative Frederica Wilson on Friday, blasting the Florida Congresswoman for politicizing a private phone call between President Trump and a Gold Star widow.

Sanders was delivering the daily White House press briefing when she was asked to comment on General Kelly’s defense of President Trump earlier this week; saying he was “stunned” by the Congresswoman’s public remarks.

“Does General Kelly still stand by the statement that he made yesterday, that he felt she was grand-standing?” asked one reporter.

“Absolutely. General Kelly said he was ‘stunned’ that Representative Wilson’s comments at a building dedication honoring slain FBI agents about her own actions in Congress, including lobbying President Obama on legislation,” said Sanders.

“As General Kelly pointed out, if you’re able to make a sacred act like honoring American heroes all about yourself you’re an ‘empty barrel,’” added the Press Secretary. “If you don’t understand that reference, I’ll put it a little more simply. As we say in the south: All hat, no cattle.”

Watch Sanders’ remarks below.

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