Terry Crews Calls Out Black ‘Pimp Culture’ In Stunning Speech, Liberals Are Not Happy

Critics of Black Lives Matter often argue that the black community needs to take more responsibility for itself and stop blaming all their problems on white people and the police. Hollywood actor Terry Crews gave a refreshingly honest take on the ‘pimp culture’ in black communities, what it is doing to young girls and boys and how to stop it. Liberals won’t be happy.

“I’m going let you know a few things about PIMP CULTURE as it stands in the Black community. Sexual abuse/assault/harassment happens so frequently w/ Pimp Culture in the Black community it has a nickname-
being “Turned out,”” tweeted Terry Crews.

“Young Black girls/boys in churches, schools, athletic teams & youth groups are preyed upon by molesters and then told 2 “stop snitching.” Being “turned out” means the girl or boy has accepted their own objectification there4 the predator can abuse them as he or she sees fit,” he tweeted.

“Secrecy and victim shaming have sadly been a unspoken part of Black culture 4 generations. “How u just gonna put us out there like that.” All honest disclosure is viewed as a betrayal of the community itself. Those who tell are hereby “Airing our dirty laundry”. How can you defeat what’s never discussed? You can’t. A lot of Black men and women are “turned out” and don’t realize it,” he tweeted.

“Any culture can be self-destructive if you accept it’s sicknesses as an identity. Which is why the veil of secrecy must be broken,” he tweeted. Do you think he’s right? Check out the whole thing here.

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