What Trump Just Told Lou Dobbs Will Have Journalists SWEATING In Their Sleep Tonight

Trump went on Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss several things with Lou Dobbs and then turned to Lou and ripped apart the media. According to Lou Dobbs, Trump is one of the most hated presidents by the left while also being “one of the most loved and respected.”

“I thought it was treated unfairly by the press during the campaign,” Trump exclaimed. “I thought the good news is now they will start treating me well. But they got much worse. They put on stories on CNN and NBC and CBS and ABC, and the MSNBC which is ridiculous.

They put on stories that are so false, they have so-called sources that in my opinion don’t exist.”

Trump then said that there is nothing more fake than “CBS, NBC and ABC and CNN when you look at some of these stories and look at the amount of negative. I know a good story from the bad story. But when you have a good story and they make it bad.”

The President is absolutely right. He then said pointed out that only Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs have treated him fairly.

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