Vegans Try to Stop 18-Wheeler, Learn Important Lesson in Braking Distance

If you think listening to a fanatical vegan blather about the purported wickedness of eating meat is annoying, you haven’t seen anything yet. Some vegans have no qualms about taking their anti-meat crusade to the max.

A group of such vegans recently appeared in a viral video on social media that shows them idiotically trying to block a pig hauler from entering what appears to be a factory.

Besides being so dumb they totally failed to notice a hot dog truck leaving that same factory, the vegans were also so insanely stupid they seriously thought rushing out in front of the pig hauler was all that was necessary to make it stop. I don’t think so, homies and homettes.

Watch what happened in the video below:

Ever heard of braking distance, you big dummies? Oh, who am I kidding — these people are idiots, though they’re not alone. It seems idiocy is a fundamental part of being a fanatical vegan.

For instance, earlier this year a drunk vegan from Georgia purposefully rammed her four-door sedan into a truck filled with live chickens twice to make some point, according to the New York Post. Yeah, I’m sure those traumatized chickens really appreciated that point, lady.

“She was protecting the life of those little baby chickens… she thought,” Major Jeffrey Vaughn from the Madison County Sheriff said.

Brilliant …

Now, flashback to September of 2015, when another group of protesting vegans formed a human barrier to stop a truck from delivering live chickens to a factory in Ontario, Canada.

Guess what happened next:

The truck kept moving, injuring one of the vegans and inspiring them to complain to the authorities. In this unfortunate case, the vegans won, as the driver was reportedly ticketed, according to the video’s description on YouTube.

It’s truly crazy that we live in a world where a man can be ticketed after insane vegans purposefully rush out in front of his truck. In an ideal world, what happened in the first video would happen every time — nobody would be injured, but a whole lot of egos would be ripped apart like, say, a delicious loaf of ham.

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